Thursday, June 18, 2009

huawmm..Its a scared..

Its was a 5.30 pm and cool evening in the field..there were nobodies in that day and no sounds
except the wind and the monkey in the was lost in three days in my camping destination with my friends im do know how to find the way out..

the story was begin when my friends and I planned to camping in the jungle that we do know there is a lot of a ghost in that jungle. The jungle was name Hutan Terung..we heard there was a beutifuil place and fresh air..and include the water fall too..

everybodies have agreed for that destination..we began at 6 a.m in three days ago. There was 3 boys and there girls..its along of destination that we have to cross of the thick jungle..the was so which there is a strange sounds my friends were be panic with tnat situations..
but im as a driver continued the our destination..we arrived at 8 p.m ..there was a singboard that tell us dont entry this place..and its include a dead sign in that continued to the destination..

we must take a walk about half hours and we arrived at the water fall..its a quite place..
finally we arrived..after finished standing the camp..we get to wash our body..everybody playing in the river..
while take a friends Ika looked two red the river...and she shouted...
"help..!!!!!!"..i'm got her and she cry..we get up from thye river and have a dinner..
and she tell us about the two red eyes..everybody get shocked with that story...
after that we get to tried too sleep but in my head always thinking about the tragedy that happened just now..while..tried to sleep..a big shadaw walked besides my camp..and i can see the two red eyes..i'm shaking and take my blanket and put into my head..

tomorrw morning..there was a crowded morning..and they called "Ika...Ika..Ika"
Ika was lost last night..
every body..was panic..and then we are finding Ika..there was an evening..and we arrived at the strange place..its was a big house..its looked like a old house...we foun Ika in the house and tight with a rope and put in in a box..and there was fulfilled with a blood..and my second friend is kak yah get the the boxthe ghost came to us..and said dont come here..and said "here is a place that im were killed about 100 yeras ago"..and she wanna us to leave before this night..if not we may be the victim as her..

after that immadiately..we run and run..without looking back..and im lost my friends in a field..
there was so quite place..and no one sound without wind and the monkey in the tree..
lastly i found that is a lot of grave..and the ghost came get me..and im felt into the grave and shout.....

last ly im woke up in the morning..and actually im was dreaming..."huh..thanks god.."..
immadiately I prepared to go home..i dont want come back any more in this place...
while..drivng my car broken in a field..and there is a lot of grave..!!!!....

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